Advanced Martial Arts Instruction

Grading System

Kyu/Dan System.

Coloured Belt Ranks

Sample of our Kyu grade certificate

The Grading Process

At Tsubokai Martial Arts we follow a typical Japanese Kyu/Dan system. Currently there are 10 Kyu grades and 10 Dan grades available through technical assessment, although ranks of 4th Dan through to 10th Dan tend to be awarded for long service and dedication to the martial arts.

Kyu grade belt tests are held approximately every three to four months.

Dan grade tests are carried out on a yearly basis as a formal examination with the chief instructor. 

The average time taken to reach the coveted Shodan 1st Degree Black belt level is anything from 3 to 5 years. 

All grades awarded are registered with the Cobra Martial Arts Association and The Kempo Karate Jitsu Alliance.