Advanced Martial Arts Instruction

Shorei Kempo-Karate - "Progressive Way of the Fist and the Empty Hand"

Shorei Kempo-Karate

This eclectic system based on Okinawan Karate, Chinese Boxing and Japanese Jujitsu uses rapid short range power striking, kicking and grappling methods aimed at vulnerable areas of the body using fists, open hands, low kicks, knees, elbows and all other practical parts of the body as effective self-defence weapons. The system also includes grabbing, tearing, locking, throwing, seizing and constricting methods and will work whether standing, kneeling or on the ground, giving a complete system for self-defence. This system is not to be confused with the Japanese sport of Karate-do which is considerably different in application. Shorei Kempo-Karate does not have any sporting/competitive element to its training syllabus.

Getting Started.

You don’t need to have experience in martial arts or any other kind of system to train with us, you don’t even have to be very fit! You work at your own pace and within your own capabilities. New starters with experience in similar systems could start higher up the syllabus, depending on ability. Training can be customised to account for previous injuries or other special conditions.

What to wear?

Just wear comfortable clothing to begin with and some lightweight training shoes. 

Any Questions?

Chief Instructor Alan Wolfenden is always happy to answer any questions you might have about the system taught or your personal training goals.

Email Alan at [email protected] or call him direct on 07934 499 410.

Sanchin - A Basic Level Kata

Kata movements and their self-defence applications

Impact pad training for close range power development